Social Media

This i just a quick post to tell everyone about social Media that we have got. It goes as follows.                                                                       […]


We have a YouTube channel now LINK it has all our episodes on it and we would love some support on there Matty B also did a video the amazing YouTube LINK it is on his farm, how exciting. Go check it out!!!

A Quick Change around!

It is a new school term and a fresh start. We now have a new timetable listed below so loads of different DJ’s combos. It would help a lot if we got some feedback on which DJ combo you like the best then it help to do the new timetable next year! Comment Monday: Andrew […]

Show Your Support

To help us stride and succeed you can follow us on Spreaker, Twitter and like us on Facebook. This tell us that what we are doing is good and we have listeners out there. You can give us feedback by commenting on this website and on Facebook. Keep listening and share us with your friends. […]

Meeting Bantams Banter

On Friday the 13th, yes we know the day where you can be very lucky or unlucky but on this day we struck gold. Bradford City Football Club had their press conference at WGS where Andrew M, Louis M & Alex K went and met up with Bantams Banter and tried to get an interview. […]


Hi Guys, welcome to WGS Radio, my name is Alexander K and I’m one of the 4 presenters on WGS Radio. As you’ll be glad to hear we are striving towards 10,000 plays, we can only do this with your support. Please send us feedback. – Alexander K