Meeting Bantams Banter

On Friday the 13th, yes we know the day where you can be very lucky or unlucky but on this day we struck gold. Bradford City Football Club had their press conference at WGS where Andrew M, Louis M & Alex K went and met up with Bantams Banter and tried to get an interview. Sadly they said that they had to interview the manager because it is quite rare. They said that we had to organise another date but then we will interview them on the show! To make it worthwhile they let Louis M hold the FA Cup and have a feel of it. He got lots of pictures taken some on his own, some with Bantams Banter and some with Andrew M & Alex K. It was a very excitement filled day we really enjoyed the experience and look forward to the day of interviewing Bantams Banter.

Go to Louis M’s twitter page to see some pitchers and WGS twitter page.

All very exciting stuff.